Our comprehensive sports program enables our students to participate on a wide variety of sports teams and provides the opportunity to compete with schools throughout Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. Our sports schedules rival that of a typical middle or high school and our boys also have the opportunity to travel throughout the season to other schools in the area. With regular practice schedules and many games within a season, our sports program allows our students to pursue a variety of athletic endeavors while they are at Valley View.  Rather than a single-minded focus on winning, we emphasize the emotional and social benefits of team sports.

Like many other opportunities at Valley View School, the athletic program provides a positive outlet for our students. We offer a healthy blend of competition, support and sportsmanship.  Some of our students come to us having struggled to be  part of a team in the past. Others might not have had the opportunity to play some of the sports that we  provide. At Valley View School,  there is a spot for all interested students, regardless of ability or past experience.

We strongly encourage all of our students to participate in our sports program each season, while assisting and supporting them through the process. There is always a mix of talent levels and we are able to provide both Varsity and JV levels for many of our sports teams. 

We have developed relationships through sports with many private and public schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Our athletic director works hard in conjunction with the other schools to ensure we match up the skill levels of our teams so both schools can have a positive experience. At Valley View it is not just about winning, it is about competing at your best, working with your coach and being a good teammate. Through athletics, students learn to take healthy risks, to work with others for a common purpose and to develop confidence in themselves and others. The athletic program generates a sense of community among the boys, as they work with each other and cheer each other on during athletic contests.

Sports provides our staff with  another great opportunity to be  positive role models and mentors . In the fall we offer Varsity Soccer and Cross Country running. During the winter we have Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball teams. In the spring we offer Varsity Tennis and Golf, as well as intramural Ultimate Frisbee, along with a running club. 


PLEASE NOTE: Games are scheduled well in advance of the season. We do our best to keep this calendar updated, but if you plan on attending a game, be sure to call the school to verify the event.

Valley View is situated on 215
acres of forests and rolling hills in
the heart of New England just 75
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