Valley View students arrive on campus with challenges in the domains of family relationships, peer relationships, emotional and behavioral control, and academic performance. Many of our students have struggled to fit in and have difficulty constructing a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Depression and anxiety can be major contributors to their distress.

Valley View’s program is designed to address these issues in a variety of ways and from a variety of angles. Our therapeutic milieu provides support, structure, and immersion in an array of positive activities. Residential staff strive to engage students with caring, firmness and a desire to prompt and model mature, healthy behavior. There are behavioral incentives designed to promote socially appropriate behavior.

Continuous therapeutic engagement is woven into the fabric of our program. Our clinicians are integrated into the milieu to provide in-the-moment, micro therapeutic  interventions.  Traditional therapeutic modalities include individual and family psychotherapy, group therapy, specialty therapies such as mindfulness/meditation, biofeedback, executive functioning training, and expressive therapy groups. Psychiatric medications are prescribed and monitored by a board-certified child psychiatrist who sees students on campus.

Valley View is situated on 215
acres of forests and rolling hills in
the heart of New England just 75
miles outside of Boston.
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