Individual and Family Therapy

The clinician is a key component in the Valley View School therapeutic model. The clinician functions as the point of contact for both the student and his family. Treatment plans are developed by the clinician in conjunction with the clinical team. Our clinical team provides extensive individual, family, and group psychotherapy to each student. The clinician monitors a boy’s progress on a daily basis and is available to provide in vivo therapeutic engagement as needed. Clinicians counsel their students in domains such as behavioral and emotional regulation, social complexities, family issues, and school problems. Often, clinicians will engage with family members and help the family system develop more positive patterns of interactions. Flexibility and responsiveness are essential in this role; when a boy is struggling in the program, it is not uncommon for the clinician to meet with the student on a daily basis. Since all of our clinicians are clinically trained and licensed, or licensure eligible, at the masters level, they possess the clinical expertise to help resolve issues that arise. In short, clinicians at Valley View School guide and facilitate the therapeutic process from enrollment to graduation.

Affiliated Clinical Psychologists
Three Ph.D. clinical psychologists are available to provide additional individual and family psychotherapy for our students. They add an additional layer of therapeutic engagement for a selected group of students and work in a coordinated fashion with the in-house clinicians. These accomplished professionals are adolescent specialists. Many of our students have had lots of outpatient psychotherapy prior to arriving at Valley View. The difference is that our psychologists work within the structure of our school, thus enhancing therapeutic power and engagement. The psychologists benefit from the daily observational data regarding their students and are able to fashion interventions that utilize the varied resources of the environment. When family dynamics are the focus of treatment, we have a HIPAA-compliant video room that is dedicated for family therapy.

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