Dormitory Living

Our goal is to build positive and productive relationships with our students while supporting and guiding them through life at Valley View.  Teachers and residential staff are assigned to specific dormitories to supervise and help students with their daily routines. Our awake overnight staff monitor the dorms  throughout the night and are available when needed to comfort and assist any students who may be struggling.

There are three separate dormitory buildings on campus. They are Doane House, Long & Short Hall and East Dorm. Each dormitory has a mix of single and double rooms. Given that there are 33 rooms for approximately 40 students, most boys will have a room of their own for much of their tenure at Valley View. However, it can be a valuable learning experience to have a roommate and thus many students, especially in their second year, are given that opportunity. When selecting a dorm room and roommate for a student, we carefully consider age, interests and specific needs. Sharing a private space can be challenging for students who have never shared a bedroom or bathroom with a family member; therefore, we teach our students how to navigate these difficulties with the expectation that the new living skills will prepare them for successfully returning home or to a traditional boarding school.

Valley View is situated on 215
acres of forests and rolling hills in
the heart of New England just 75
miles outside of Boston.
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