International Travel

Broadening students' horizons is a crucial part of development and personal growth.  For 5 decades, Valley View School has provided students with an opportunity to travel internationally.  These trips have left an indelible mark on our students and foster recognition and genuine appreciation for the complexity and wonder of our world.    

Each March, a select group of students and staff venture overseas for a ten-day exploration of another  country. We have visited countries such as Guatemala, Ecuador (including the Galapagos), Peru, Vietnam, Russia (including Siberia), Israel, China, India, South Africa, Greece and Cuba.  Staff members closely supervise all aspects of the international travel program, which focuses on visiting national heritage sites, community service projects, cultural exchange events and  adventure and sightseeing experiences.   

It should be noted that the Covid pandemic has curtailed our international travel program over the last two years.   We are hopeful that we can resume the  travel program  as soon as the Covid situation allows.

  1. China

  2. South Africa

  3. South Africa

  4. China

  5. China

  6. South Africa

  7. Thailand

  8. India

  9. South Africa

  10. Thailand

  11. India

  12. China

  13. Greece

  14. Greece

  15. Greece

  16. Peru

  17. India

  18. India

  19. Peru

  20. Vietnam

  21. Galapagos

  22. Peru

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