The Valley View Schedule is designed to bring structure into student's lives while allowing some choices in how they spend their activity time. The academic school year runs from September through June with two week breaks in December, March and June. The summer program runs from July through mid August with a two week break in August. The yearly calendar is available in PDF form and through Google Calendar (dates valid only for the current school year and subject to change.)

Daily Schedule

All parts of the day are supervised by staff. A typical weekday during the school year consists of:
We begin at 7:40 with breakfast, followed by the morning academic program. Many students receive individual therapy for an hour each week with a licenced therapist and psychpharmacological visits as needed during the week.

Everyone has a family style lunch at 12:20. After lunch there is a more relaxed academic schedule with electives, clubs, and tutoring. Once a week the students meet for a process group from 2:30 - 3:30. In the afternoon, scheduled team sports, advisor counseling, and weekly specialized therapy groups meet.

Dinner is served at 5 PM. After dinner, students have a study hall period to get their homework completed, followed by a short time to tidy their room. This is followed by an activity period and finally bedtime.
Click the following links for a the weekly schedule for the School Year and the Summer Program.
Valley View is situated on 215
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