Course Offerings

At Valley View School our academic program is built on a college preparatory curriculum that is designed to both challenge our students and support their learning styles. The academic program has been constructed to help our students develop resiliency and competency in the classroom. We work to optimize learning by providing students with a supportive environment within a traditional academic setting.

The daily schedule at Valley View was built with the format of a traditional junior/high school in mind. Our goal is for our students to experience a school setting where they can practice academic skills, increase social skills, demonstrate self-advocacy with their teachers and increase their independence in the classroom.

Our curriculum is reviewed and approved on a yearly basis by the North Brookfield Public School District (Massachusetts Department of Education).

Valley View offers a well-rounded curriculum that covers all core subject areas including:

MATH: Basic Math Algebra I
Math Essentials Geometry
Saxon Math Algebra II
Pre-Algebra Precalculus (as needed)


ENGLISH: 6th Grade English 9th Grade English
7th Grade English 10th Grade English
8th Grade English 11th Grade English
  12th Grade English


SCIENCE: General Science Physical Science
Intro to Life Science Intro to Biology
Life Science Biology
Earth/Environmental Science Chemistry (as needed)
  Human Anatomy/Physiology (as needed)


HISTORY: U.S. Social Studies World History I
World Geography U.S. History II
Ancient World History Modern World History II
U.S. History I Government/Economics (as needed)
  Civics (as needed)


LANGUAGE: Jr. High School
Introduction to Language
(as needed)
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV (as needed)
  French I (as needed)
French II (as needed)


SPECIALS: Health Jr. High Health
Art Physical Education
Valley View is situated on 215
acres of forests and rolling hills in
the heart of New England just 75
miles outside of Boston.
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