Art Program

The Valley View art program is an exposure to a variety of medium that is associated with both traditional and non-traditional materials which are utilized to create two and three-dimensional art forms. Art provides another positive outlet for our students and being engrossed in the process of creating art can be very therapeutic. All middle school students have art class built into their schedule and every student has the opportunity to take art as an elective course. Our spacious 600 square foot art studio is well lit and has 20-foot ceilings. Connected to the art studio is an expensive outside deck area that provides extra space for students to work on their art.  Our highly experienced art teacher has worked at Valley View since 1987 and he continues to create new projects for our students as our art program continues to evolve. Here is a list of projects the students engage in during the course of an academic year:

2 Dimensional Art 
  • Oil Painting 
  • Acrylic Painting 
  • Water Color Painting 
  • Ink and Pencil Drawings 
  • Tape Art 
  • Block Printing 
  • Wood Burning 
  • Principles of Perspective 
  • Collage / Mixed Media 
  • Glue Painting 
  • Glass Art 
  • Pixel Art 
  • Scratchboard Art 


3 Dimensional Art
  • Mosaics
  • Metal Craft
  • Balsa Wood Construction
  • Craft Stick Construction
  • Bridge Building
  • Cityscape Construction
  • Wire Armature Sculpture
  • Wood Carving
  • Soapstone
  • Wire Sculpture
  • Cardboard Construction
  • Mask Making
  • String Art
  • Ceramics: Pottery & Handbuilding
    (We have a pottery wheel and kiln)

Additionally, we offer specific electives in painting, photography, drawing, and woodworking.


Valley View is situated on 215
acres of forests and rolling hills in
the heart of New England just 75
miles outside of Boston.
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