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Our students develop strong relationships with our staff members and spend a large part of their day with teachers.  These relationships are much broader and more personal than the typical student/teacher relationship. The role of a teacher at VVS extends beyond the classroom setting. Teachers are involved in the day-to-day functioning of our students, providing guidance in activities of daily living, advice regarding the challenges of academics, and support in social and emotional arenas. Our faculty eat breakfast and lunch with the students,  helping to monitor meals and encourage healthy choices, proper socialization, and good manners. Teachers spend the last hour of their day interacting with students in a more relaxed manner, outside of the classroom and around campus. They help the boys with community service projects, coordinate and coach sporting events, engage in leisure games and sometimes enjoy a movie together. All interactions foster a time for students to learn from positive adult modeling, integrate constructive criticism, enjoy positive attention and solidify the feeling that staff care. Students are provided with social cues in an open and direct manner from teachers who have a wealth of experience. Teachers use their time with the students to provide important in the moment learning opportunities.

Christopher Moran - Director of Education and Day Program

  • Began his career at Valley View School in 1998.
  • BS in Aerospace Engineering

Marc Cavigioli- High School English

  • Began his career at Valley View School in 1992.
  • BS in Psychology
  • BS in Environmental Science
  • MA of Education.
  • Certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Shannon May - Science / English

  • Began her career at Valley View School in Nov 1996
  • BS in Education
  • MS in Education-Health/Science
  • MA professional license-certified 1-6 & 5-8
  • SEI endorsed
  • CHES certified

Sandra DiGregorio- Foreign Language

  • Began her career at Valley View School in 2009.
  • BA in Spanish and French
  • MA in Spanish Language and Literature

Aaron McKee- Social Studies and Physical Education

  • Began his career at Valley View School in 2013
  • BS in Recreation and Sports Management
  • Athletic Director
  • JV Basketball Coach
  • Varsity Tennis Coach

Meredith Oliver - History and English

  • Began career at Valley View School in 2014
  • BA in Psychology
  • Certified K-6

Matt Sloan- Math and Physical Education

  • Began his career at Valley View School in 2016
  • BA in Mathematics
  • Certified 5-8 & 9-12
  • SEI endorsed

Lisa Borlen- Middle School Science and Health

  • Began her career at Valley View School in 2017
  • BA in Business
  • MA in Education
  • CAGS in Education Administration
  • Certified 1-6 & 5-8

Carol Goodrow- Special Education Coordinator, Math and English, (Wilson Reading System and Saxon Math), Tutoring

  • Began her career at Valley View School in 2018
  • BS in General Science
  • MS in Special Education
  • CAGS (Sixth Year) in Special Education/Learning Disabilities
  • Teaching License - Special Education K-12
  • Teaching License Regular Education K-8 CT
  • Teaching License Regular Education K-8 MA
  • Wilson Reading System Level 1 Certification
  • Trained in the Gillingham Method
  • Teacher of the Year Tolland, CT 1994
Valley View is situated on 215
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the heart of New England just 75
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